Uchronia was created as a semester-long Masters thesis. It was shortlisted for the Victorian Architecture Graduate Prize in 2016, and was exhibited at the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Architecture Awards 2016 at Melbourne University.

Uchronia investigates the utilisation of video games as a total medium for generation, representation, analysis and instigator of architectural discourse.

Instead of examining the 'total work of art' as a singular, resolved artifact, it looks at architecture as a result of a series of contingent moves, events and potentials. In doing so, it unpicks the contradictions of ‘totality’ in real time and real space.

The game is used as a tool to navigate parallel worlds in which alternate architectures may exist. Player agency allows for engagement with social, political and cultural events and the resulting possibility spaces, prompting a deeper understanding of the built work beyond completed object and as an imperfect system.

Uchronia catalogues and indexes results, presenting these as artefacts that hint at the existence of an architecture beyond.

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